Monday, November 16, 2015

BEWARE: Fake Colas Are Now Being Exported To The Market

As Christmas day drew near, many of us have already started working hard and accepting extra hours of work just to have enough cash to buy gifts, dish to feed the family and to have a worry-free relaxation by not worrying finances on Christmas Eve.

But, instead of working fair and uprightly, some are being dishonest by manifesting their earned knowledge to deceive people and earn money easy.

Lately, social media websites were rattled by the noise from a very particular topic of faked goods that has taken a lot of its users to share it rapidly after being shocked and left worried from the possible dangers it may cause if it reach their territories.

According to report, these carbonated drinks being faked were Coca-Cola products and is maybe being exported across the globe.
As we all know, Coca-Cola is the most widely known brand globally and makes billions of dollars profit every year.  As a leading competent, their soda has its unique taste from a patented secret formula which has existed for over 100 years.The identified fraudsters have used the brand’s success and trust to make some pretty cash by manufacturing a second generation Coca-Cola and Sprite.
However, not long ago, their processing extent was busted and from the looks of some photos revealed online, their productions are in large amounts.
Source: Naibuzz