Tuesday, November 24, 2015

VIRAL: Ghost In Saint Louis University, Baguio Caught on Camera!

Most people believe that there are unnatural and peculiar entities living with us from this world, entities which are not meant for our eyes to see. These are the justice or revenge-seeking presence that might have unexpectedly died and left life for reasons they cannot accept. Creatures such of these are said to linger for quite some time – as if waiting for something.
On a fan made Facebook page called “The Louisian Files” there is this spine-chilling photo posted at around 7 P.M on November 22, 2015 which is said to be sent anonymously is making the rounds online.

The hair-raising photo shows 2 different shots taken in a106 during a practice for event, she claimed she was snapping photos of her shoes when suddenly noticed that in one photo she saw a figure of what looked like a floating head of a girl with no body.Here is her full message posted:
On November 20, in a106, I was taking pictures during our practice for an event. I took two shots: same time (maybe two or three seconds apart), same angle, same phone, same everything, except for the size, because I switched it from regular to square size, which only takes a second. In the first photo, I caught something that looks like a young girl but with no body(?). In the next second when I took the second photo, she disappeared.

You may not believe me, but I did not edit/tamper with this photo in anyway, all I did was compile the pictures into one.
H/T: When In Manila