Monday, November 16, 2015

WATCH: Awkward Interview Of Senatoriable Alma Moreno Goes Viral Online

As national elections coming up close in our eyes with paid adverts and freebies being surfaced to us, journalists, to be part of such historic event have started and exerted a lot of effort to interview political aspirants on their plans and platforms once they win a seat.

Earlier this month, ParaƱaque actress turned politician, Alma Moreno, who is running as senator under theUnited Nationalist Alliance, was interviewed by one of many respected journalists in the country, Karen Davila, who is also the host of ANC's Headstart.

The interview went uncomfortable after Davila asked Moreno what would be her advocacy in the senate if successfully win the seat.

She then prompts to fulfill the voice of the women “Magna Carta of Women,” to which Davila remarked "But then the law exists already." Moreno in return said, "Pero may mga bagay na di na-implement (There are things that have not been implemented)." Davila again asked, "Like what?" Moreno, at the moment laughed nervously and said, "Teka muna (Wait a second)."Davila then turned to the Reproductive Health Law, where it only goes downhill as Moreno scrambles  to answer one of it then have once again laughed nervously and asked “Kailangan pa bang sagutin (Do I need to answer that)?” Davila said, "Of course. You are running for the Senate."

WATCH The Awkward Interview which starts at 9:40 mark: