Monday, November 23, 2015

Woman Strips Down In The Middle of Road Resulting Traffic To Build Up

Mysterious woman on Wednesday have stunned a plethora of motorists for unreasonably stripping down to her undies in the middle of the road on San Francisco California’s Bay Bridge, causes massive traffic to build up.

The unnamed woman have had cars deviated as trying to avoid her after she decided to take a stroll on the lower deck of the bridge right in the middle of rush hour.California Highway Patrol reported that the woman was first seen wearing blue jeans and a sweater rushing onto Interstate 80 before she removed her clothes at around 6 P.M on Wednesday evening (10 A.M GMT).

Highway Patrol officer Peter Van Eckhardt said, she fortunately wasn't hit by traffic because she was moving around a lot and cars were whizzing by.

The woman was reportedly had walked for almost 20 minutes until local officers managed to arrest her which at first she resisted and is now taken to the hospital for ‘psychiatric evaluation.’