Saturday, December 5, 2015

5 Indications Your Menstruation Tells About Your Health!

While most of women believe that menstruation or period is just a way of determining if you are already pregnant or not. But the truth is menstruation indicates more short-term or long-term illnesses rather than just being pregnant or not.

According to Alisa Viti it is important for women to first check and look at your period before flushing their toilets to spot indications of illnesses such as: Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer and Alzheimer’s. These health issues can be spotted by checking changes like the flow, color, length and the amount of it.

Here are five indications you may check to determine by looking at your period. 
1. Cervical or Uterine Polyps
If a person experienced a sudden or unrelated bleeding on the normal cycle, then they are having a breakthrough bleeding. This could be a sign on Cervical or uterine polyps.

2. Unbearable Cramps
Most women think that having cramps while on period is normal. Well, it is not. You need to seek the medical attention immediately because it might be something harmful.

3. Pituitary Gland or Thyroid Issue
If you are having a light flow of period then you might have a problem with your pituitary gland or thyroid. But if you are taking pills then it is normal.

4. Same color as 'Cranberry Juice'
This only means that you have a normal secretion.

5. Hormonal imbalance
If the period is late, there might be a chance that you are pregnant. However, sometimes shows that a person is having a hormonal imbalance.CREDITS: TNP