Monday, December 7, 2015

Daughter Wanted This Beautiful Dress, What Her Blind Father Did Next Will Surely Burst You To Tears!

It is an undeniable and fascinating fact what parents can do to please and make their kids cheer. This even if it means doing the impossible. Parents would cross a million oceans, climb the highest mountains and even swim the longest rivers just to get what they know would make their children happy.

This heartwarming story of a blind father who seeks the impossible thing to make her daughter happy will surely make you hug your father while crying out loud.

They were on their way to church as her disabled father works there as a massage therapist. Along the way his daughter saw a beautiful dress in front of the workplace he is working, her daughter was stunned as she stopped and stares at the dress visualizing she would look like a popular celebrity (Jennylyn Mercado to be exact) but sooner realizes they didn’t have that much to afford such kind of dress.

Little did she know, her father did everything even swallowed his pride just to fulfill what her daughter visualizes to wear on a date with Alex (her boyfriend).Grab on those tissues as this short film is about to make you burst to tears.