Tuesday, December 8, 2015

LOOK: Heartless Mother Tied Her Child Like A Dog Inside Mall Gone Viral! Unbelievable!

Parents has all the rights to discipline their children to properly raise them well-rounded, they are the key to their kids foundation in the near-future so they would grow up satisfied with their achievements and ambitions reached. But this one heartless mother has gone too far as she calm her child with a rope tied like a dog in one mall in Manila.
On Sunday, December 6, 2015, a certain Facebook user, Crystal Sumulong, has uploaded a very disturbing ‘mother-and -son’ scene in 999 Mall in Divisoria.

According to her statement, the mother was once confronted by one security guard after her kid was roaming the mall around alone relentlessly. But what the mother did next was something beyond our imagination when it comes to parenting.She tied the boy like a dog then slept. The boy after a while got tired and also fell asleep.

Sumulong said she got affected by the situation the kid suffers, but was afraid to approach the mother to tell her she was wrong to treat her kid like an animal so she asked for assistance from the mall’s security personel. She did not see the action taken by the guards.

Yet, the story behind the photo is unknown, some of us tend to see and judge the picture without thinking the other side of the story, the situation may just be the mother is just exhausted but still concerned for his son.
H/T:  Coolbuster