Friday, December 4, 2015

Maria Ozawa Reveals She Is Open To Dating A Filipino! Find Out What She Wants In A Guy

During a cast party for the upcoming horror film and an official Metro Manila Film Fest (MMFF) entry, Nilalang, former adult actress, Maria Ozawa shares what she wants in a guy since she is very much single right now.
"He has to be super romantic," Ozawa told
Ozawa admitted she was having a hard time finding such a guy who meets her standards.
"That’s really a hard thing to do in Japan, to find a decent guy because they are not romantic."
Born to a Japanese mother and a French-Canadian father, Ozawa earlier mentioned she was open to dating a Filipino."In Japan it’s really hard to find a decent man who can keep up with me, so it’s really hard to find a boyfriend. Maybe I can get one here."

Aside from sharing the fitting qualities of her dream guy, the Japanese actress admitted she likes the working environment of the Philippines rather than Japan’s.

"Philippines is so different from Japan," she said. "It is better here because you guys have the love. In Japan, work comes before family."
CREDITS: Kicker Daily