Monday, December 7, 2015

These Guys Went Inside The Guard House To Get Some Help... But What Happens Next Gave Me Chills!

Aside from Police Officers who were trained so much to protect and save people’s lives there are this Security Guards who are easy to went on with the same proficiency when it’s on protecting people’s lives. They are the guys who have been trained to take the responsibility and make the situation calm, but definitely not all the time!

This video will show how these life-savings and situation-handlers (Security Guards) are sometimes incompetent when handling serious matters.

These two guys approached the security house area to ask help as there are some devilish guys are trying to kill them by a long machete.

In the video’s few seconds, the security members were trying to protect these lads, but not so long the security guards have all went gone as if they knew something bad is going to happen. This then have the bad guys a chance to hit and attack the two guys with a long machete.
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Posted by Charina Adriano on Monday, August 17, 2015
Luckily, they were all alive and managed to run afterwards but had numerous wounds in both the neck, head and arms.

According to some witnesses, the men who attacked those poor guys  are from a gang who is just following the motorist to get their motorcycle and money.
H/T: The Confidential Files