Tuesday, December 8, 2015

This Doctor Have Found A Great Trick To Stop Babies From Crying In Just Seconds!

Just like any other couple who are blessed with a precious one, they often tend to fight turns on who’s taking shifts when the baby is on mood for crying out loud.

In fact, babies have a quite peculiar habit of being loud when crying. This noise then clearly raises anyone’s patience as if irritated since the noise can be a massive hindrance.

Fortunately, this Pediatrician who has a 30-long-year experience when it comes on taking good care of newborn babies has nailed a method of soothing infants who are in distress, and he is sharing his secret.

Dr. Robert Hamilton better known as Dr. Bob has worked with kids and newborns in Santa Monica, California and has miraculously came up on a technique called “The Hold” to stop babies from crying instantly which actually works in seconds.

Watch the video below where he calms several babies, including one that is understandably unhappy about receiving a vaccination in the leg.