Wednesday, January 6, 2016

4 Easy And Effective Ways To Prevent Hair Fall Without Spending Money!

As they say, "The hair is every woman’s crowning glory." Your hair truly brings a boost to your appearance.

However, there is this one common problem most women are suffering that can drag them down from achieving their lifelong and ultimate dream of having a healthy-looking hair, hair-loss (or alopecia).

Hair loss in fact is normal. According to experts, losing 50-100 strands of hair every day and most of these hairs however grow back. It should be noted that a healthy hair has a life cycle of about three to six years. Hair loss is really a problem whilst the hairs do not grow back or when hairs are shed at a peculiarly rapid rate (several hundreds of hairs per day).

Hair loss can be due to illness or dietary deficiencies, use of harsh hair products, extremely washing your hair, contact to chlorinated water, and excessive use of heated styling tools or hair dye.

Fortunately, experts have found an easy, cheap and effective ways to cure the excessive hair fall.
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