Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Netizen Was Shocked After Checking the Accounts of Teens Who Died in the Tragic Tagaytay Car Crash!

Was it just a coincidence? Or was it a premonition of the fateful tragedy of four teens who died in a disastrous car crash in Tagaytay earlier this Sunday? The accounts of the victims suggest the latter, on which it appears to be a sign of something unpleasant was about to happen.

According to reports of, six people died after the vehicle the minors were driving crashed to a concrete barrier then hit a tree that caused the vehicle to burst into flames then ultimately exploding.

The incident happened in Calamba Road corner SVD Road in Tagaytay city earlier this Sunday morning, and the shocking news has already gathered headlines.

Days after the fateful car crash occured, one netizen decided to check the Facebook accounts of the victims, and was surprised to see the cover photos of the victims which eerily suggest a strong premonition of their untimely deaths.
The post has already been taken down but Facebook page R-Breezy took a copy of the original post and said:
I looked into the cover photos of the four minors who were killed in the car accident in Tagaytay. I am absolutely shocked.
A road, a road sign, smoke of explosion and total darkness.
May God show you the light to His Kingdom, kids. May your souls rest in peace.
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