Monday, January 25, 2016

After Singing in Just Seconds, The Judges Turned Their Chairs Around To His Amazing Voice!

5 words. It only took 5 words for Charly Luske's audition in the Voice of Holland to convince the judges that he is a one of a kind talent! Singing to the tune of James Brown's song This Is A Man's World, he certainly made the stage his own and shined bright in the spotlight.

His voice was so smooth, so soothing that all the four judges immediately turned their chairs as soon as he sang the first line.
And from there, it just kept getting sounding better and better! In just a matter of seconds, Charly Luske sent a message to the judges and the crowd that he can clearly belt it out with the best of 'em! Cheers were heard throughout the entire stage, as the judges gave him a standing ovation as they went ballistic with his amazing performance!

From the looks of the judges' faces, clearly he possesses a unique talent. Bright smiles are seen everywhere, and surely everyone fell in love with his amazing voice, and people are looking forward to hearing more from him after his wonderful audition.Watch his entire audition performance and you be the judge yourself!So, what are your thoughts on Charly Luske's performance? Let us know what you think and share us your opinions by leaving your comments right down below!