Monday, January 25, 2016

Beautiful Carjacker Arrested in Quezon City After Stealing an SUV!

Once catching the attention of people with her stunning beauty, freelance model Maricar Go Chua also known as Mariecar Rosel, is making headlines. But this time, for the wrong reasons.

After reportedly stealing an SUV in Quezon City, she was the subject of controversy in the eyes of many. Along with her boyfriend whose identity was unknown, the 26-year old stole the vehicle of Monaliza Laurente last January 18 in which ended up wounding and severely injuring the victim's face.

Monaliza elaborated how the freelance model made friends with her and requested her to be the godmother of Maricar's baby. Little did she know that the model had bad intentions.
According to Monaliza, she and Maricar met again on Monday to discuss and talk about the upcoming christening of Maricar's baby. They rode Monaliza's vehicle, and as they were driving, Maricar suddenly told her that one of the tires may be flat.

Monaliza got out of the vehicle to check the tires, but couldn't seem to find any flats. As she was about to go back in the car, the doors were suddenly locked. She then noticed Maricar started the vehicle and immediately attempted to pull away. The incident surprised many, with many netizens stating that she is one of the most beautiful carjackers seen in recent memory. After being once proud of her beauty, Maricar is left in shame after the deceitful act. Check out more about the incident in this report of TV Patrol.So, what are your thoughts on the whole incident? Let us know by leaving us your comments below!
CREDITS: SocialTrendsPH