Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Characters of 'Kath and Vince' Leaked on Social Media!

The characters of the consistently viral love story of Vince and Kath that had managed to reach hundreds of thousand readers for its uniqueness and cleverness among other love stories found online has allegedly leaked online.

In a matter of days, the love story easily went viral after one of the main characters, Vince, showed great bravery for revealing his deep-regards towards Kath who is his ultimate crush.
So viral, the love story even got 10 sequels at the moment and readers are still begging for another one.
Since the writer, who is identified as Queen Elly on Facebook, tells the story was inspired to real life happenings, fans and readers became curious on what Vince, Kath and Jake really looked like in real life, has kept ways on looking and fetching photos that might be them.On Monday, January 4, 2015, a photo of the three characters claiming to be them has emerged online.

However, the author denied the photo to be the characters and rather promises everyone to reveal the real ones who truly symbolize Vince, Kath and Jake when the story meets end.