Sunday, January 24, 2016

Coleen Garcia Transfers to Rival Network's Show After Leaving It's Showtime!

It's Showtime!'s host Coleen Garcia has finally confirmed that she will be leaving the show for good after being a mainstay for many years.  Her decision to leave the show was based on the fact that she solely wanted to have more time to focus on her acting career, hence the reason why she left.

After the news broke out, it sent shock-waves throughout the showbiz industry, leaving many fans surprised and baffled. Speculations have now risen that she may have intended to transfer to It's Showtime!'s rival show Eat Bulaga and be one of the hosts there.

Since then, many netizens have already began to take note of the rumors, including this viral photo of Alden Richards and her in Eat Bulaga's Juan For All, All For Juan segment!
The photo left many people stunned in disbelief, seeing Coleen on Eat Bulaga just days after she announced she would leave It's Showtime!

However, news suddenly broke out that the viral photo was just fake and edited, confirming that the rumors are false and it quickly cleared the air.What are your thoughts on Coleen Garcia leaving It's Showtime? Let us know what you think and share them with us by dropping down your comments right below!