Saturday, January 30, 2016

Confidential Photos of First Satanic Church Leaked! Check out the Viral Photos!

Many people have heard of satanic practices, rituals and beliefs happening all over the world. Modern truth-seekers have been teased with the idea that somewhere out there, hidden in plain sight of believers, exists a satanic church.

Could there be a possibility that such a malefic structure exist here in the world? Worshiping their deity as Satan, is there really a chapel full of malevolent beliefs and vile teachings? After photos of a satanic church started to circulate online, people have been baffled by the Iglesia Luciferia, the first of a satanic church located in Montenegro, Quindio, Colombia.

The sinister cathedral has been a hot topic of debate and controversy, especially in the world of Christian believers who find the whole existence of the church wholly absurd.

Photos have spread and have provided many people with a glimpse of the architectural structure and design of the chapel.
Bathed in hues of red and black, it reeks with eerie surroundings suited for the curious minds. Pentagrams are drawn all over the floor, summoning a dark essence within the church.The photos speak for themselves, and you can see for yourself that this is not the chapel of the norm. It gained widespread attention and has received massive criticism in the eyes of many God-fearing believers.

But take a look at the viral photos themselves and you be the judge of the satanic church, Iglesia Luciferia!
Here's the First Look at the New Satanic Church in Montenegro, Quindio, Colombia .
Posted by Library of Most Controversial Files on Friday, January 29, 2016
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