Wednesday, January 13, 2016

It's Showtime Back on Top Once Again as Number One Noontime Show. Does This Signal The End of AlDub and Eat Bulaga Find Out!

Once viewed by many as the no.1 noontime show in the entire nation, Abs-Cbn's It's Showtime has been dethroned on the top spot ever since Eat Bulaga's hot tandem of AlDub went on a meteoric and historical rise through the charts to claim the number one ranking. Many believe that Eat Bulaga has finally found an answer to Abs-Cbn's noontime show, in which it has dominated the ratings for the past few years.
Since then, the phenomenal tandem of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza paved the way for Eat Bulaga to rise again from the top, and from there they have yet to step on the brakes as they just keep on rolling. But will Eat Bulaga be able to continue on with their success? Or will Abs-Cbn's It's Showtime slowly claw their way back up to the top spot? We'll do some number crunching to find out the answers courtesy of Kantar media's ratings. Check it out!

The nationwide TV ratings for the month of January since the start of 2016 has been released. From the get go, it appears that Eat Bulaga is still going strong, with the ratings going in their favor for the first few days. But Abs-Cbn won't go without a fight,

Take a look at the nationwide TV ratings courtesy of Kantar media from dates January 1-11, 2016.

Jan. 1: It’s Showtime (9.9%) vs. Eat Bulaga (15.3%)

Jan. 2: It’s Showtime (Saturday) (13.7%) vs. Eat Bulaga (Saturday) (20.3%)

Jan. 4: It’s Showtime (13.9%) vs. Eat Bulaga (15.1%)  

Jan. 5: It’s Showtime (13.8%) vs. Eat Bulaga (15.7%)

Jan. 6: It’s Showtime (13.5%) vs. Eat Bulaga (15.9%)

Jan. 7: It’s Showtime (15.0%) vs. Eat Bulaga (16.6%)

Jan. 8: It’s Showtime (15.5%) vs. Eat Bulaga (16.0%)

Jan. 9: It’s Showtime (Saturday) (16.3%) vs. Eat Bulaga (Saturday) (18.4%)

Jan. 11: It’s Showtime (15.5%) vs. Eat Bulaga (15.2%)
At the end of the ratings, it was the first time Abs-Cbn got an edge over Eat Bulaga as they claim the top spot. Some believe that the show is making a grand comeback with the help of their 'Tawag ng Tanghalan' segment that discovered most of the OPM artists in the music industry today.

Does this mean the end of AlDub and Eat Bulaga? Or does this mean that Abs-Cbn's It's Showtime slowly making their way back to claim their rights as the noontime show king? Let us know what you think and share us your thoughts by leaving us your comments right down below!