Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Latest Modus on Naia Terminal 3 Terrifies Passengers. Check it Out!

The notorious bullet-planting scams locally known as "Laglag Bala" in NAIA sent shockwaves throughout the entire nation and gathered international headlines. But it appears that yet again there is another modus taking over the terminal, and the news has begun to spread and is leaving passengers worried and terrified for the second time.

One of the victims of the new scam was Facebook user Juliet Suarez, who took her time to explain the whole incident through social media to spread awareness to fellow citizens and warn them of the scams. Apparently her brother was held in the Immigration after claims that her brother had an identical name of an alleged killer in Bulacan. Her brother was suddenly baffled by the claims, since he is from Sta. Rosa, Laguna and not from Bulacan, so they suspect that it must be another form of scam from the terminal, searching for potential victims. Check out her post right down below and read the whole story for you to have an idea!

After the incident, Juliet said that the officials in the immigration who held her brother started to back away. And from then they concluded that it is indeed another scam made up by the NAIA Terminal 3 Immigration as a way to extort valuables to their potential victims. It is best to be aware and alert at all times, and be ready to present valid identification cards and documents at hand to potentially avoid falling victim to these deceptive scams. Once again, for all the local and international travelers, take heed and care to spread the information so that the citizens are aware of another rising scam after the dreaded bullet-planting moduses.

What are your thoughts on the recently surfaced scams in NAIA making waves once again? Have you known anyone who has fallen victim to these new moduses? Let us know your thoughts and share us what you think by leaving us your comments right down below! We appreciate your voices.