Friday, January 29, 2016

LOOK! Pia Wurtzbach Subtly Expressing Interest In Atom Araullo!

Millions of proud Filipinos welcomed 2015' very own Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach in her grand homecoming as she makes her way back in the Philippines.

Proudly wearing her Czech-inspired diamond and sapphire crown, Pia brought smiles all over the country, and she has already began to appear in several TV shows and interviews while also having a fan-interaction over on Twitter.

She was asked about her thoughts on Atom Araullo in an interview with Bandila, and she said "He's very charming...." with a radiant smile painted on her face.
It appears that the Miss Universe 2015 is dropping slight hints of interest to the handsome news reporter. Atom Araullo propelled his name to stardom when he displayed his striking attractiveness during a live-broadcasting in Tacloban during the Typhoon Yolanda.

Unfazed by his surroundings, Atom delivered in front of the camera and continued to report live amidst the imminent dangers.

In her interaction with fans over on Twitter, Pia Wurtzbach was also asked about Atom Araullo, and the question was "Pick three things from the given: love, family, pizza, traveling, Miss Universe crown, Atom Araullo, money, enough sleep, and happiness." And her answer was "Traveling as Miss Universe while being interviewed by Atom. (Boom!) haha." 

And there you go. The message appears to be clear that Pia is subtly interested in Atom Araullo. Her answers have made fans swirl, and other sources have suggested that Pia is indeed attracted to the handsome news reporter.

Check out the video right down below to get a better idea!What are your thoughts on Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach expressing interest in Atom Araullo? Share us your own opinions and write us a comment!