Saturday, January 30, 2016

Man Dies in Car Crash Accident After Watching Porn While Behind the Wheels!

Sometimes, your urges need to be kept under control for it can get the better of you when you let it get out of hand. And in this case, a man in Detroit died after his car swerved and crashed on the ramp from the Lodge to 1-75 while driving. The reason he lost control of his car? The driver was watching porn.

Approximately 3:30 a.m. on Sunday, Michigan State Police officers were called to respond immediately to the scene on 1-75 in a single car crash accident.

Further investigation and reports have found that the driver of a car was hooked up watching an adult film while behind the wheel, in which it caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle and eventually crashed and sent him flying from the vehicle.

Police found out the driver to be pantless at the scene, which indicated he was shifting his own gear rather than the car.So, for people out there driving their vehicles, always make sure to follow road safety, and control your urges when behind the wheels. Shift the gears in your car, not your shaft. You'll never know, it could save your life! Let us know what you think and leave us your thoughts and opinions by dropping down your comments below!
Credits: TheSource