Saturday, January 16, 2016

Marlou Arizala Gets Blasted By Netizens After Allegedly Being Big-Headed Over His New-found Riches!

After gathering the attention of many netizens throughout social media, the young internet sensation boy group Hasht5 eventually made it to the bright lights of national television! And one of the most prominent member of the group everyone's familiar with is none other than Marlou Arizala, who is now apart of Abs-Cbn! He's been a hot topic for quite some time, and once again Marlou is accumulating significant attention from everyone but apparently for the wrong reasons!

After being given the opportunity to shine by one of the country's biggest networks, many netizens felt that the sudden rise to popularity made his ego skyrocket and the money and fame alter his personality, especially when it comes to dealing with people in general. This promptly left some people furious and enraged, and some netizens decided to lash out and bash Marlou for his attitude.

A certain Facebook user who was apparently fed up with Marlou's attitude in which she stated on a status update. Check it out! She even went out and called Marlou to use his money to fix his look and appearance.
Another photo shows Marlou bragging and flaunting his wealth and money, and promptly thanked Abs-Cbn for the opportunity. To be fair, he's received a lot of criticism as of late and has a lot of bashers and haters gunning towards him. But check out the photos, and we'll leave the rest up to you to decide!
Marlou has yet to shed light about the alleged controversy if it's either true or fake.So, what are your thoughts on Marlou Arizala's comments to the netizens? Hit us up with your own thoughts, ideas, and opinions and don't forget to share it by leaving our comments below the comments section!