Sunday, January 24, 2016

Netizen Reveals Mar Roxas' Camp is Giving Away Flyers With P200 Bills!

As the official campaign period starts at just 2 weeks, the presidential race is tightening up. With the candidates preparing as the race to the presidency fast approaches, others are already using their tricks up their sleeves.

A netizen on Facebook recently revealed that Liberal party standard-bearer Mar Roxas and his camp are giving away flyers at the markets to the general public with P200 cash.

The information was shaerd by Facebook page MOCHA USON BLOG, and from there netizens took notice of the post and offered mixed reactions.

The post has gathered thousands of likes and shares, and since then it has gone viral on social media sites. Take a look!
According to the post, the netizen went to the local market along with her mother when all of a sudden flyers were being handed out which says "Daang Matuwid" and they were asked to vote for Mar Roxas. She was shocked the flyers came with P200 pesos as seen from the post, with Mar Roxas' face and two P100  peso bills.

This caused quite the reaction from some people, saying that it was from Roxas' camp and it is an obvious case of vote buying.

While others weren't so quick to agree, as they believe it was just a demolition job to tarnish Roxas' name as the campaign period approaches.

We'll leave the rest up to you and decide on what you think is the case. Don't forget to share us what you think by dropping down your comments right below!
CREDITS: SocialTrendsPH