Saturday, January 9, 2016

Pastillas Girl Reveals She Was Contacted By ‘It’s Showtime’ To Compete Against Yaya Dub!

Contrary to what’s being depicted on TV, Angelica Jane Yap, more popularly known as ‘Pastillas Girl,’ reveled that she is recruited by ABS-CBN’s highly-anticipated noontime show, ‘it’s Showtime’ to compete against ‘YAYA DUB’ or Maine Mendoza rather than just being absorbed the show to help her seek her Mr. Right.

In an interview conducted by the Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), Pastillas girl said she was called by ‘It’s Showtime's’ management to fight against Eat Bulaga for ratings after her video of making a bitter-sweet tutorial of Pastillas went viral.
Watch Her Interview Below:
The interview shows great contradiction over Vice Ganda’s segment ‘Advice Ganda,’ saying that Angelica Yap only reaches the show only to seek for help of advice and the management got touched for her one of a kind heart-breaking love story so they made an exclusive segment just for her to help seek for Mr. Right (Mr. Pastillas.)Reports online says Pastillas Girl already stopped dating the pastillas guy.
Source: Social Trends PH