Monday, January 11, 2016

Pauleen Luna Reacts to Revealed Wedding Details Brought Up By a Netizen. Take a Read!

"In God's perfect time." as Pauleen Luna said in regards to revealing the details about her wedding with Bossing Vic Sotto. Wanting to keep everything discreet, private and intimate, the couple decided to reveal the details and the specifics of their anticipated wedding in the right moment at the right time.

As their wedding day approaches, fans and the people in general are eager to discover and learn more about their plans on their much-awaited wedding. Until now that is, that the details were revealed by Abs-Cbn which apparently irked Pauleen on keeping her wedding plans a subtle secret.

In a Facebook post which was deleted moments after it was posted, Pauleen expressed her thoughts in a sarcastic manner on the revelation about the wedding and here is what she has to say:“Dearest ABS-CBN, Thank you SO much for revealing all the details about our wedding. Thank you So much for mentioning even the date and the venue. Thank you because now we’re finally going to achieve the exclusivity that we want! And last but not the least, thank you SO much for asking if it’s okay to report about it. God Bless!”

Apparently the information spread came from Lolit Solis, Pauleen Luna's manager as mentioned by Abs-Cbn Entertainment's reporter Mario Dumaual. Pauleen initially planned to reveal the details about her wedding on Eat Bulaga along with Vic Sotto where they intend to announce their plans. On an Instagram post, a netizen brought up the subject and Pauleen offered her response. Here is what she has to say:

Photo from @pauleenluna Instagram

She felt disappointed and displeased that the privacy and discreetness of their wedding was slightly wrinkled. Pauleen also acknowledged that a lot of people already know about the details of their wedding already, but decided to keep quiet to show respect for the couple.We'll have to wait and see when the couple will finally announce everything about their wedding in Eat Bulaga in which they call their home. Until then, hopefully the details about the wedding are kept subtle and private for Pauleen Luna and Vic Sotto's privacy.

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