Thursday, January 28, 2016

Research Reveals These 6 Amazing Foods That Kill A 100 Percent of Breast Cancer Cells!

The number of women diagnosed with breast cancer has seen a recent spike, according to statistical data gathered in 2016. In the United States, there are approximately 231,840 cases of breast cancer alone, which suggests the numbers are ever increasing. People are now looking for ways on how to combat breast cancer and hopefully stop it altogether. That may sound impossible, but is it? Read on to find out!
Research and study shows that about roughly 99% of collected tissue samples from 40 different mastectomies, there were traces of paraben found within the samples.

Parabens are a class of preservatives used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Most of the available paraben toxicity data gathered are from single-exposure research, which means one type of paraben in one type of product.

Studies show this is generally safe, with only a negligible risk to the endocrine system. However, since many types of parabens in different products are widely used, further study of the additive and cumulative risks of multiple paraben exposure is needed.It is important to identify the carcinogenic toxins in the products you use to have an idea on how it affects you.

LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans Louisiana conducted a study and has done extensive research to join the fight against breast cancer. And their efforts resulted in an effective cocktail that is sure to halt breast cancer cells dead in its tracks!

The cocktail consists of 6 compounds that are derived from fruits, vegetables, plant roots and spices. Natural ways of fighting against breast cancer has been an ongoing study for years, and this is the result of their extensive research.
The mixture of resveratrol from grapes, Indo – 3 – carbinol from cruciferous plants, quercetin from tea, curcumin, C – phycocyanin from spirulina, and isoflavone from soybeans greatly reduced the growth of breast cancer cells by more than 80% which is a very high rate.

This suppresses breast cancer cells before they begin to spread and multiply. This also inhibited invasion and migration, which caused cycle arrest, thus eliminating 100 % of breast cancer cells.

Truly an amazing and a breakthrough study in the field of breast cancer research! What are your thoughts on the whole study? Let us know what you think by leaving us your comments!