Friday, January 8, 2016

Scientist Revealed Why Women Should STOP Wearing Bras!

Wearing of bras is one of the never ending debates among women and scientists seem like to put an end to it. So, should women wear a bra or not?

There are a lot of reasons why women chooses to wear these expensive undergarments. Aside from the fact that bras could hide their nipples from being exposed, some wear it to give their breasts a lift.

Yet some disagrees on wearing bra because of the "constricted" feeling and from the fear of clogging the lymphatic glands and leading to breast cancer.
However all of these questions and beliefs over wearing of bras is answered by Jean-Denis Roullion, a Sports Science Researcher who came with an answer after over 15 years of research.His claims towards wearing bras can only reduce the blood circulation over the breasts. He also said that you could also get a lift to your breasts even if not wearing bras.

But still, experts should still need to take further investigations regarding the said topic!