Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Young Boy Earns $1500 A Week On His Business Ventures. Check Him Out!

Henry Patterson of Lidlington, Bedfordshire United Kingdom may have already built his own empire at a very young age of just 11 years old. Earning about roughly $1,500 a week, his self-built business has already given him financial stability. How he managed to built his own business kingdom is a story you definitely must read. Check it out!

From humble beginnings, Henry started out as a simple farm boy. He sells manure, in which believe it or not, propelled him to great heights as he sought out to start his own business.

He may have smelled success selling dung, but he worked hard at a young age and soon explored other options on how he could earn more money. Gathering all the money he earned from selling manure during his farm boy experience, Patterson started to venture into the world of sweets and started his very own sweet shop which is called Not Before Tea.
The foundation was set in place for Henry to start earning money at a rate larger than what he would usually earn when he was a farm boy.

From the ground up, his sweets shop soon expanded and began to sell other dry goods, even clothes, books, stationery among other things! It's truly amazing and yet unbelievable at the same time a young, 11-year old kid would earn as much money as he is currently making! He said "I started coming up with business ideas when I was five. I started selling manure and I loved it - even if it was a bit smelly."

Besides his sweet shop, Henry also has an ONLINE BUSINESS, after he opened up an eBay shop where he sells goods bought from charity shops. With a passion for discovering and coming up with new ideas to earn money, we can assume Patterson will continue to build his dynamic business empire. To do so, he will be having his own YouTube channel, NBTV.For such a young age, many people would think Patterson would have the urge to spend the money on fancy stuff like gadgets, cars, and gaming consoles? Well, surprise! This kid is smarter than your average Joe, and the only expensive thing he has bought is a puppy. Henry knows his stuff, and it certainly helps when you came from humble beginnings.

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SOURCE: RachFeed