Saturday, February 6, 2016

11 Steps to Attract Good Fortune in the Year of the Fire Monkey!

A bonafide source of propitious beliefs and ideas, the Marites Allen Annual Fengh Shui convention foretells each Chinese New Year with conviction.
The Year of the Fire Monkey started in 2006, and with the event's 11th iteration, good fortune is believed to follow. So here are 11 ways to attract good luck in the Year of the Fire Monkey courtesy of Marites, the first Filipina feng shui master.

11 steps to attract good luck in the Year of the Fire Monkey:
1. Have and idea of the good and bad sectors of the year.
It's important to pinpoint the so-called Flying Stars - energies that fly into different directions accompanying good and bad luck with them wherever they land. Knowing where those locations are can help set you up for receiving good luck in the Year of the Fire Monkey!

2. Have an understanding of the five feng shui elements.
Water, wood, metal, earth, and fire are the five elements in feng shui, and possessing a deeper understanding of how these elements work and co-exist together increases one's chances of reaping the benefits of feng shui.

3. Look good in favorable clothes
Depending on what goals you want to achieve, wearing a specific brand of auspicious wear will boost your good luck and open doors full of opportunities in your life!

4. Accessorize your look with the right items
Complete your lucky look by accentuating your fashion with accessories that have auspicious symbols such as necklaces, bracelets, jewelry, and many more.

5. Enchant your home with lucky furniture decors.
Hanging auspicious decorations and symbols from your home not only invites good luck, but also will give your home a lift on design with the decorative lucky mirrors, paintings, and mantra stickers.
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