Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Chinese Girl Breaks Up With Her Boyfriend After Finding Out He Was Poor During a Family Reunion Dinner!

Let's face it, some women desire to have financial stability when it comes to their partners. While absolutely not a necessary trait to possess, other females view it as a major plus. The reason being is that they want a man who can provide and take care of her needs. Of course, who doesn't want a life full of stability and ease? Most women do.

And one story that caught the attention of many is when this Chinese girl decided to go her separate ways with her boyfriend and broke up because of the guy's financial status. She found out that her partner could not sustain her necessities, and decided to leave the guy because his family was poor.

She found out by going to her boyfriend's hometown to join him in a reunion dinner with his family. Little did she know that her boyfriend could only offer that much, she immediately walked away after seeing the food that was served and prepared on the table.
Obviously, her boyfriend's family was poor, and that alone was enough for her to leave and dump her boyfriend. Reflected in the reunion dinner, the Chinese girl shared her experience through Facebook with no regard of embarrassing her boyfriend and his family. They have dated for more than a year, and after discovering that her boyfriend was poor, she was convinced that he cannot fully support her at all.
What was more surprising was the fact that the girl's friends and family echoed her thoughts and sentiments, saying that it was the right decision to leave her boyfriend because she will have no future with him.

The Chinese girl said,
I came to my senses almost instantly and decided I’d save the crying and heartache later by breaking off with him now! But I’m afraid to leave because it’s dark outside and it’s tough getting transport so I’ll buy a train ticket back to Shanghai first thing in the morning!
Her friend even said
Be cruel to yourself now, otherwise you will suffer later. No matter how much you love each other, it’ll wear out over time!
Her post went viral on social media, and since then she has received much criticism and hate in the eyes of many who claimed her to be a gold-digger and a materialistic person.

Money can't buy true, genuine love. When your partner judges you because of your financial status, its best to re-evaluate the whole relationship and ponder whether you are staying for the right reasons or not.
Credits: Viral4Real