Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Here are 7 Major Reasons For You To Sleep Naked at Night to Make you Healthier and Happier!

Maybe you have tried sleeping on your bed naked without any clothes on. It feels awkwardly comfortable at first, but once you get used to it, shutting off the lights without anything on surely makes everything feel like a breeze.
But little did you know that there are health benefits when you sleep naked? Not only does it boost your nature of sleep, happiness, and charisma, there are also other benefits! These 7 reasons will convince you to just strip off at night before going to bed!
Here are 7 reasons why you should go to bed and sleep naked;

1. Better sleep at night
When you shut the lights off and sleep at night, your body temperature slowly decreases. Having clothes on while you sleep could affect the temperature drop in your body and could create disruptions in your sleep cycle. So better strip off those clothes!

2. Beneficial for your private parts
Sleeping without any clothes on allows your private parts to breathe after a long day with underwear on. Air circulation keeps your privates fresh and healthy, especially for women's vaginas.

3. It feels more sexier
Don't you just love the idea of not having any clothes on while laying in bed? It boosts your confidence and sexuality, and might as well ramp up your urges in bed significantly with your partner, providing a more pleasurable experience!4. It sheds belly size
When your body cools down while you sleep, it helps regulate your hormones. This results in the enhancement of the digestion system and also promotes growth, reducing the size of your belly!

5. More sex
Sleeping naked boosts your self-esteem and heightens your sexual urges, thus resulting in more satisfying intercourse with your partner while rocking in bed. Strong, intimate moments burn calories, enhances well-being and expand oxytocin.

6. No need for morning showers
Having no clothes on while you sleep means less shower time in the morning, since your body temperature is cooler and produces less oil, keeping you fresh while you sleep. No more long shower moments!

7. Less demanding
There's no need to change into your pajamas while you sleep. Just throw off the clothes, and lay in bed! Even more, you can freely move around in bed without any restrictions in your clothes, resulting in better sleep.

So for you people out there who love to sleep naked at night, continue doing so! And for those who don't, go ahead and give it a try! There are myriads of benefits waiting for you when you sleep at night naked.

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Source: Curejoy