Monday, February 1, 2016

LOOK! Live Fly and Hair Strand Found Inside a Customer's Drink in Starbucks!

Sergio Lee is an avid customer in the well-known coffee shop Starbucks. He regularly enjoys visiting the coffee shop to enjoy a few sips from his favorite drinks. After coming home from work to stop by Starbucks BGC in front of St. Lukes Hospital last January 5, he ordered a Toffee Nut Frappucino and was surprised on what he discovered that day.

It was an experience out of the norm for Sergio Lee. Nothing beats a good cup of your favorite drink after a hard day's work, but that wasn't exactly the case that day. Rather than feeling refreshed, he wound up feeling disgusted after what he found out inside his drink.

After ordering his frapuccino, he immediately noticed that there was a strand of hair and a live fly inside his drink. Something you would not expect out of a big-name coffee shop like Starbucks. He was shocked on what he discovered, and he went to the barista to have his order changed.

Despite the disgusting disaster, Sergio said the barista was very sincere and apologetic in his approach. Still, it didn't prevent Sergio from wanting the whole issue to be documented and reported so people would be aware of these kinds of minor incidents do happen.

He took a photo of his drink and uploaded it online. From then people began to take notice of Sergio's experience, and many people have been worried - especially the avid coffee drinkers that the quality control at Starbucks is getting out of hand.
He said that he was disappointed that Starbucks claimed that they contacted him about the issue, but actually didn't. After the reports of another coffee drink fiasco surfaced with a woman's drink with a dead mouse inside it, Starbucks has been getting a bad rap in the eyes of many these past few days. Watch the full report by TV Patrol right down below and see it for yourself!
Langaw at buhok sa kape?? hmmmmm!!!
Langaw at buhok sa kape?? hmmmmm!!!
Posted by Pinoy Citizens Crime Watch on Thursday, January 28, 2016
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