Friday, February 5, 2016

Research From Scientists Reveal That Smelling Farts Helps Reduce the Risk of Cancer!

We all know how farts smell. Not good, right? Well, what if we told you smelling flatulence does you good, would you believe it? Interestingly enough, research and study shows that letting farts pass through your nose reduces the risk of cancer.

Crazy as it sounds? Well surprise surprise! Scientists have discovered that the smell of flatulence may offer some shocking health benefits. Hydrogen sulfide, a potent and strong gas produced by bacteria as food is broken down through the gut, can repel diseases such as cancer, strokes and heart attacks, and dementia.
One of the top universities in the U.K. which is Exeter, discovered that the hydrogen sulfide, when inhaled in small doses, aids in the protection of cells and combat illnesses by helping to prevent mitochondria, which supplies energy production in the blood vessels and regulates inflammation.
One of the key factors in treating and controlling conditions such as heart failure, stroke, diabetes, aging, arthritis and dementia is by preventing and reversing mitochondrial damage.

Professor Matt Whiteman from the University of Exeter's medical school explained through 'MailOnline' that
When cells become stressed by disease, they draw in enzymes to generate minute quantities of hydrogen sulfide.

This keeps the mitochondria ticking over and allows cells to live. If this doesn’t happen, the cells die and lose the ability to regulate survival and control inflammation.

We have exploited this natural process by making a compound, called AP39, which slowly delivers very small amounts of this gas specifically to the mitochondria. Our results indicate that if stressed cells are treated with AP39, mitochondria are protected and cells stay alive.

While hydrogen sulfide gas is harmful in large doses, the study suggests that a whiff here and there has the power to reduce risks of cancer, strokes, heart attacks, arthritis, and dementia by preserving mitochondria – Time reports.

You’ll have to decide for yourself, though, whether exposure to hydrogen sulfide in flatulence is worth the potential health benefits – Meghan DeMaria.
Who would have thought that inhaling a plume of fart does good for your body? So the next time someone farts, gently tap them in the shoulder and thank them for helping you fight cancer. They might appreciate it and flatulate more often than they should!
CREDITS: Minionscoop