Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Student Gets Blasted Online After Wiping Philippine Flag on Classroom Floor!

Netizens have been fuming with rage after a student used a Philippine flag to wipe off the floor inside the classroom.

The video was uploaded by Facebook page Filipino Netizens, and from there the post began to circulate social media sites. Many have found the gesture of the student disrespectful and downright inappropriate. The video drew controversy and online debate, drawing the attention of fellow Filipino patriots who disliked the student's impolite acts.

A flag is a symbol of a country, an emblem of its representation as a whole. The post drew mixed reactions, with people suggesting that the student should be punished by the school for his acts.

Some even went further, saying that he should be locked away behind bars for not showing enough respect, honor and high regard for his country.

The school and its teachers are also coming under fire in the eyes of many people, saying that the school failed to properly lecture and teach the student how to respect and honor his country.

Walang galang na bata. Hindi ba tinuturo sainyo sa paaralan yan na dapat galangin ang ating bandila?dahil sa ginawa mo hindi lang tela binastos mo kundi ang lipunan kung nasaan ka ngayon. para kang hindi Pilipino sa pagpapasikat mo. Kung sa tingin mo popogi ka sa ginawa mong Pasikat ka. Nagkakamali ka. Pero wag ka mag alala sisikat ka dito sa kalokohan mo.Like Filipino Netizens.

Posted by Filipino Netizens on Monday, February 8, 2016
Regardless, the video has already been a hot topic, and the student involved in the video is facing heavy criticism and is the focal point of fuming rage.
CREDITS: Filipino Netizens Facebook Page