Sunday, February 14, 2016

These 4 Benefits of Breast Massage Will Keep You Healthy and Looking Good!

There are numerous health benefits when it comes to massaging the breasts. Not only does it feel good, but will also provide additional comfort.

The Texas Institute of Functional Medicines recommend massaging the breasts with gentle kneading and strokes while applying different amounts of pressure to relax the muscles around the breasts.
Performed by oneself or with a partner, its intended purpose is to flush out the harmful toxins inside your body and promote better health. Other than that, there are also several benefits, and here are some of them listed right down below!

Appearance Benefits
One of the advantages of regularly massaging the breasts is it prevents sagging and keeps the shape and appearance of your breasts looking good. Massaging your chest in gently, soft strokes promotes circulation which is important to keep breast tissues healthy, according to the Ayurvedic Cure website. Gentle massages also help cure benign cysts (non-cancerous) and helps build resiliency in the ligaments around the breasts. The result is a firmer, less-saggy chest that ends up with a more prominent and attractive bust line!

Therapeutic Benefits
For aching breasts, one solution recommended is breast massage. It has therapeutic benefits which helps one feel relaxed and soothed. Simply stroking the breasts gently can have analgesic effects that also reduces pain and swelling in the chests and eases tension in the ligaments. The pain associated with breast scarring can also be soothed with gentle breast massages.
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