Monday, February 15, 2016

These Tips Are What You Need To Do When Your Woman Is Experiencing Her Period!

Each month, women experience their periods. During this time, they can go from being the sweetest, innocent human beings to downright ballistic lunatics in a blink of an eye. A tall task is in order for the men out there to try and understand what his woman feels during her red days.

And for some dudes, it can get quite tricky. What in the world should a guy do when his woman goes on red alert? Men often have a hard time trying to decipher the code of a woman's menstruation. Even though you'll never experience letting out pools of blood, it pays to know what's really happening when a woman's on her period and why she acts in certain ways.

So if you're in doubt when your woman's on code red, check out these simple tips to help aid your way in understanding more about your girl's period.

1. Put yourself on her shoes and understand what she's going through
Imagine yourself curling up because of abdominal pain ranging from small aches to piercing sharp pain. The intensity varies from time to time, and is enough to make a woman snap during her period.

Mood swings are generally expected when women are on red alert, so try to understand your girl as much as you can. Headaches, anxiety, nausea and other factors contribute to her mood swings, so soak it all up like a man and let her know you're trying to understand her situation.
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