Thursday, February 4, 2016

WATCH! Maine Mendoza Reacts to Criticism and Hate Messages from Bashers!

Since her meteoric rise to superstardom, Maine Mendoza has gained avid fans and followers throughout the whole world. But that doesn't mean she's invulnerable to criticism in any way and form.

She's been a subject of bashing and hate lately, and though some people may not like the fact that she's being targeted by trolls, the one half of AlDub chose to respond with humor and decided to spread positive vibes through her social media accounts instead of lashing out her bashers.
Because of that, the world of social media went abuzz after Maine's reaction videos trended on Twitter. She can be seen reading and responding to some of the hate messages her bashers have sent her, and her reactions were full of light-hearted humor.
Watch her read the hate comments: What do you think of Maine Mendoza receiving criticism from bashers? Let us know what you think and share us your thoughts by leaving us a comment below!