Thursday, February 11, 2016

WATCH! This Girl's Web Camera Won't Turn Off Until Something Terrible Happened!

The internet serves many uses. From day to day tasks to social networking, e-mailing and online bills paying, truly technology has come a long way.
But keep in mind, the internet is also full of hackers that are taking full advantage of this technology to manipulate it to their own free will. Web cam hacking is one example.

Even kids today won't have much trouble trying to break in to a web cam provided that they have the right tools and software.
If you're thinking web hacking is just a thing of the movies and television, think again. It's for real, and many victims are usually unaware that they are already being watched by the eyes of unsuspecting hackers.
Just like this woman who was a victim of web cam hacking. At first, she thought her laptop cam was malfunctioning because it won't seem to turn off. Unfazed, she decided to ignore it and shut her computer down.

Little did she know the camera was still rolling, accessed by hackers and watching her every move. Everyday she does her daily routine, and she isn't aware that her every move is being seen by the hackers.Until one night, while she's sound asleep, a stranger suddenly walked by her room, standing as he stares at the girl while sleeping. From there, the camera stops rolling.

Watch the hair-raising video right down below to see it for yourself!It's very important to know that when you have access to the internet, you're also vulnerable to hacking attacks like this. So make sure to turn off your web cam or cover it when not in use. You never know when you're privacy is already being invaded. Watch out, and be alert.
CREDITS: Social Trends PH