Wednesday, June 8, 2016

9 Sperm Count Boosters That Will Surely Spark Up Your Sex Life!

Are you worried that your sperm count may not be sufficient enough to start a family and have kids? Well not to worry!
Here are some simple tips for you to follow to get that sperm count spiked up! Check out these tips below and try them for yourself.

1. Your balls need to be able to breathe.
When your testicles get too hot, it can result in the decrease of your sperm count. Consider wearing underwear and garments that are not too tight-fitting to increase your sperm count.

2. Exercise is recommended
It's important to promote blood flow in your body for healthy sperm production. So consider exercising regularly to increase your sperm count.

3. Reduce stress.
Increased stress levels can also affect your sperm count. Try to reduce stress as much as possible. Relax your mind, free yourself from distraction and find ways to be happy and productive. This will positively impact the number of sperm in your body.

4. Stop smoking.
Smoking cigarettes decreases your sperm count and also slows it down too. Cut down on the smoking  to increase your chances of conceiving.
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