Monday, June 20, 2016

Here is the Purpose of the Tiny Black Hole in Between Your Phone's Flash and Camera!

Have you ever wondered why there's a small black hole located in between your precious iPhone's camera and flash? Are you curious to find out what it is? Well you've come to the right place!

Maybe you've noticed that small dot and wondered what its use is. Is it a reset pin? Perhaps not. Well what is it then?

A guy on Reddit thought that it was a reset button so he went on and poked the small hole. Turns out he actually poked a microphone.

Yes, that's right. That tiny hole is actually a separate mic of your iPhone. It's called a noise-canceling mic built in to the phone.What this does is it eliminates the background noise and filters it so the caller can hear your voice crystal clear. It also aids Siri in recognizing your voice better.

Now you know what that tiny black dot is. Your iPhone has three microphones, and the one located in between your phone's camera and flash is a noise-canceling mic.Make sure to give the post a share and give us your feedback by dropping down your comments below!