Tuesday, June 7, 2016

James Reid Unpleased About Nadine Lustre Being Number One in FHM's Sexiest Women List!

While fans rejoiced and were happy for Nadine Lustre landing in the top spot of FHM's recently released list of the sexiest women for 2016, one guy isn't particularly pleased about the whole tally, and that guy is none other than Nadine's boyfriend James Reid.

Nadine came out on top ranking as the number one sexiest woman in the country. After discovering this, James immediately reacted, seemingly unhappy about the whole result with his girlfriend crowning the top spot.

He posted a screenshot of FHM's list with an arrow pointing to Nadine's name. He also left a message on the photo which says "HOY! Who is responsible for this!?!?!"
Fans also caught a glimpse of James' protective side on Twitter with a tweet that he posted but was immediately deleted. The tweet says "Jadines, I thought we were on the same team."Jadine fans were certainly charmed by James being a protective darling for his girlfriend as they can't get enough of one of the hottest couples in the nation.

They also showed their support for James by making the hashtag #StayStrongJamesReid trend on Twitter. There's no denying that he is definitely sweet and protective when it comes to his girlfriend.

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