Friday, June 17, 2016

Jennelyn Mercado's Hot Trumpets Dance Challenge Goes Viral Online!

Jennelyn Mercado sizzled up the social media world with a hot new video in which she did the 'Trumpets Challenge' and showcased her fiery dance moves!

The newest dance craze in town, many notable celebrities attempted the Trumpets Challenge and Jennelyn is recently the one to have her own take on this hot new trend. She's done previous dance covers, from Rihanna's hit song "Work" and now to Sak Noel's "Trumpets", she's sending the online community ablaze with her viral video!

Also in the video is talent manager Becky Aguila's daughter Katrina Aguila who also displayed her own set of dance moves that left many viewers in awe and impressed.Less than 24 hours after the video made its way online, it quickly earned more than one million views thanks in part to Jennelyn's charming beauty and her alluring dance moves!
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