Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Jessy Mendiola Cries After Getting Pranked By Kuya Jobert!

Kuya Jobert has done it again, this time pranking his fellow Banana Sundae casts that completely threw them off guard!

Little did everyone know that he has a surprise in store for them, so when he decided to pull off the prank, all of them were left in complete shock! At the end, everyone was bursting with laughter for he caught them quite good, but apparently someone didn't find the prank to be quite funny and instead cried!

Jessy Mendiola didn't have the energy to laugh as she was nervous after the prank and was seen crying in the end! Her fellow casts were worried after getting pranked by Kuya Jobert.

While Kuya Jobert made everyone laugh, little did he know Jessy was crying! Watch the shocking prank right down below to see what really happenedLet us know what you think about the whole story by writing your comments down below!
Sources: Newsfeedph, PhilippinesReports