Sunday, June 5, 2016

Must-Read! Kim Domingo Reveals What Made Her an Internet Sensation!

We all know for sure that Kim Domingo is one of the most renowned celebrities in the showbiz industry due to her irresistible charms and gorgeous looks. She took the whole social media scene by storm with her viral Dubsmash video of 'Twerk It Like Miley' that made everyone took notice.

Since then, she started to trend upward that helped propel her showbiz career. She never would have imagine that her video would pave the way for her stardom.

She's grateful for the opportunity to be discovered because of her viral Dubsmash video, and with an interview with PEP Talk, she shares her experience on how she began her showbiz career.

Kim Domingo actually started as a dancer in TV5, and from there she began to venture into the world of modelling and since then the doors of opportunity opened up for her. She became a cover girl for FHM and became a part of one of the longest-running gag shows in the country in Bubble Gang.Let us know what you think of the whole story by leaving your comments right down below!