Friday, June 10, 2016

Remains of Mythical Creatures and a Mysterious Winged-Human Discovered in an Old Mansion in London!

Fantasies about fairy tales and other mythical creatures have always fascinated us despite being unsure if they really exist or not. But a preserved remains of a mysterious figure shaped like a human with wings shocked the world by surprise.

This is believed to be an old remains of a fairy that was discovered in a mansion's old basement in London.
Also discovered were the mysterious preserved remains of werewolves, dragons and other fascinating mythical creatures that will surely catch your attention.
The shocking remains were believed to be a collection of Professor Thomas Theodore Merrylin who was a biologist, archaeologist and a wealthy aristocrat back in the 1800's.

His unique collection features numerous mythical beasts and creatures that we only see in movies.

Thomas Merrylin's collections were subject under heavy criticism but soon gained respect from his fellow biologistsThis is what the website had to say:
He was presumed dead around the turn of the century, until in 1942 a man purporting to be Merrylin donated a building to a London Orphanage with the proviso that the basement never be unsealed. The man could be no older than 45, so was presumed to be a relative of Thomas. After this event, he was never heard of again.

In 2006, the basement was uncovered during a planned demolition of the building. Within, hundreds of large crates, filled with thousands of specimens, artifacts and diaries were found. It was dubbed the Merrylin Cryptid Collection, its mere existence would challenge the established scientific community if proven authentic.

Within his rather thoroughly detailed diaries, Thomas makes allusions to a number of esoteric ideologies concerning quantum mechanics, theories that were yet to be established at the time they were written. His knowledge of physics, and discoveries of artifacts that challenged historical accounts added to the enigma of his life, and his collection. It is also notable that he mentions an artifact called the Alabast, which could be attributed to his unusually long life.
The curator of the Merrylin Cryptid Collection Alex CF reveals that Thomas' diaries were unique, pointing to quantum physics and multiverse theories.What do you think of the discovered remains? Feel free to let us know your thoughts and ideas by writing a comment!
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