Saturday, June 11, 2016

The 5 Don'ts You Should Consider While Having Your Period

Menstruation can be a monthly routine for the ladies and eventually they’ll end up taking this for granted as it happens usually. But take note, you’ll experience much worse than a worst day a monthly period brought you if you haven’t taken these five considerations:

1. Don’t have sex while you’re at your period.
Aside from the fact that it is such a gross thing to do to have sex while you have your period; it may also cause serious infections for you and your couple.

2. Don’t skip meals.
Menstruation is a monthly blood discharge from your body, particularly coming from your uterus. As soon as you discharge blood matters, you are losing energy. Thus, don’t make your energy zeroes down. Eat a complete meal daily.

3. Don’t go through physical works. 
Stamina loses when you are trying to work excessively. This may lead to illness especially you are having period. Leave it to the men to do manly things.4. Do not consume fast-food.
Hamburgers, potato fries, and the like are very rich in cholesterol. According to experts in the field, cholesterol levels fluctuate during menstruation. So, don’t wait for the time you’ll get heart diseases.

5. Do not stay up late.
Your body organs work more productively as you are asleep. Staying up late at night may cause irregular blood flows and may lengthen your period.

Ladies, you should love your body thought it is at its worst because worst things may come if you don’t.