Friday, June 17, 2016

Their Relationship of 1 Year and 8 Months Ended Because of This. Find Out What Happened!

Relationships require equal amounts of effort, trust, honesty and loyalty for it to work and withstand the test of time. Unfortunately, temptations and challenges are only a part of the story, and while some overcome these trials, others falter and fall.

Just like this relationship that ended in bad blood and severed ties. Netizen Alexa was devastated and left heartbroken after her relationship of almost 1 year and 8 months ended suddenly in a blink of an eye. Her boyfriend cheated on her that stabbed her heart into pieces.

From there she decided to share her story on social media which immediately caught the attention of many netizens.

She posted her story on Facebook that immediately went viral and skyrocketed online. She wanted to teach her ex-boyfriend a lesson by letting everyone know how much of a cheater he is.
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Via TheCosmicBoard