Tuesday, June 21, 2016

This Old Man Died After Watching The Conjuring 2. His Body is Now Missing! Shocking!

2016 horror movie The Conjuring 2 was touted as one of the most terrifying movies of the year, and for good reason. Most people who watched the film described it as disturbing and frightening.

And while the inner fears of most viewers came to life, this man in India had his life taken away after watching the horror film.

a  65-year old fainted while watching the film at the Tiruvannamalai's Sri Balasubramaniar Cinema. After reaching the climax of the film, the old man started to feel chest pains and then fainted moments later.

Immediately, the old man was sent to the Old Government Hospital. Unfortunately, the old man didn't make it and he was pronounced dead. An autopsy is being performed to identify the cause of the man's death.But surprisingly, the body of the old man went missing after the person who was supposed to transport the corpse to the ME's office went missing as well.

Viewers were warned before watching the film, with MoviePilot annoucing that a priest had to be summoned for the first day of the movie to bless the watchers.

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