Wednesday, June 22, 2016

WATCH! Maja Salvador's Sizzling Hot Trumpets Challenge Video!

The hot Trumpets dance challenge has been on fire on social media recently, with many famous and prominent artists doing their own rendition of the popular dance trend.

After celebrities like AlDub and the Sexbomb dancers attempting the dance, another celebrity joined the ranks and is ready to set fire on the world of social media.

And it's none other than ABS-CBN's queen of the dance floor, Maja Salvador! She lights it up and nails Sak Noel's "Trumpets" that sizzled online. Her hot dance outfit coupled with her fiery moves makes up for a truly epic dance video!

In the video, the actress is seen rehearsing her dance moves with her choreography of the hit trend.Many netizens are looking forward for Maja's full version of the challenge as they anticipate her dropping a bomb on ASAP on Sunday.Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure, everyone's excited to see her do the "Trumpets" challenge!