Monday, July 18, 2016

Here are 9 Places to Touch a Woman to Turn Her On Instantly!

As human beings, we crave physical contact and intimacy. And if you're the one who knows how to turn a woman on simply with your touch, then you may want to check out these 9 places where you can run your fingers through her skin and instantly make her go ballistic!
Apart from the most common areas to touch like the chest and the b*tt, these other parts of the woman's body are in need of attention of if you want to turn her| on. So get those hands ready and those fingers dirty!

Hair - women simply love it when you play with their hair, and with just a right massage from her temples to the nape, you'll set her on fire instantly!

Pelvis - Tease her innermost desires by gently running your fingers through her pelvis so she gets the message and the idea. This will arouse her and get her turn*d up!

Feet - a gentle feet massage unless your partner's on the ticklish side, is a good way to turn her| on. With just the right amount of lotion and a couple of strokes on the toes, she'll definitely get warmed up!
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